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School Founder

Patrick A Kelly began Taiji with an experienced student of Master Huang Xingxian in 1973. In 1977 he moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where he studied full time in Master Huang's school. In 1979, following tradition, Master Huang accepted Patrick as his personal disciple - the only non-Chinese to ever enter Huang's inner-school. From that time Patrick Kelly travelled and taught beween Asia, Australasia and Europe while continuing to learn personally with Master Huang untill his death late 1992. Simultaneously Patrick worked closely both with the Naqshibandi Gnostic Sage Abdullah Dougan for 14 years until Abdullah's death in 1987 and for 30 years with the Raja Yogi Mounimaharaj of Rajasthan who died in 2007 at more than 105 years old.

At the express wish of his teachers, with the aim of making available the esoteric principles of internal development through the practice of True Taiji, Patrick established a Europe wide teaching network. This is a loose association of mature intelligent practitioners - with no committees, no rules, no obligations, no school to join and none to leave - people simply practice what is taught with more or less energy and intelligence according to their choice. Within it 40 senior practitioners (20+ years Taiji and 14+ years with Patrick) along with 100 close practitioners (average 14 to 20 years Taiji) teach some thousands of students through their fully independent schools.

Patrick's true contact, both external and internal, with the 3 great streams of esoteric teachings - the Asian, the Indian and the Middle Eastern/European - now supports this teaching, which aims to lead people deeply inside themselves towards the one formless Source, which has no name. Patrick's experiences within these 3 streams enliven his teaching. This worldwideway might condense to a few words:

"Seek a broad balance of experience in life":
harm no one,
understand others - change yourself,
feel gratitude for the positive in whatever life brings.

"Deepen consciousness":
using any helpful exercises or meditations,
inward through the 3 levels of human existence,
etheric, astral and celestial
(jing, qi and shen).

"Reach out for the Beyond":
realising, as the Beyond grows within,
that your outer human existence is next to nothing
Older Students who teach at the Tai Ji School

Wayne Duncan has practised Taiji for more than 25 years with Patrick Kelly including 16 Euro Seminars. He also had personal contact with Grandmaster Huang Xingxian over many years.

Mark Wallis has been a student of Tai Ji with Patrick Kelly since early 1982. Mark began teaching in 1991 and continues to teach as one of the senior students at the Tai Ji School at St Benedict's Street.

Michael McGill began his training with Patrick Kelly in the early 1980s and was immediately drawn to the depth and subtlety of the art. After thirty years I remain grateful and inspired for the ways that taiji affects my life journey.

Peter Batcheler has practised Taiji within the Taiji school for more than 25 years. "I began training Taiji on arrival back in Auckland after travelling the world on an OE for 4 years. I felt that it was time for a new journey of internal travel. My flatmate at the time introduced me to Taiji. After a short period of training I began to feel the benefits. My balance improved and my reactions sped up. I began to get a solid grounding and gained the sense of wellbeing that comes with discovering one of the world's great treasures. As I continue with my Taiji I am experiencing the more subtle aspects of the art which inspire me to train each day and provide a pathway to deepen my mind, strengthen my body and feed my spirit."

Clive Pankhurst has practised Taiji for more many years within The Taiji School and is well known for facilitating workshops in Europe supporting Partick Kelley students.

Wendy Gray: I started learning Taiji in the UK 15 years ago training with Patrick Kelly's UK and European teachers. Annually I attend workshops with Patrick Kelly in Europe. The philosophy of Taoism motivates my continued interest in Taiji. I like to think of my practice as a process of movement developing deeper more subtlelevels of practice, leading to more subtle levels of understanding and ways of thinking and being.

Rob Hunter has practiced Tai ji for more than 25yrs with Patrick Kelly including attendance at Euro seminars. He also had personal contact with Master Huang Xing xian, Master Ni Hua Ching and Mouniji Maharashi.

Annamirl Hunter began Taiji around 1991 in Germany and practised Master Huang's system for more than 16 years with Patrick Kelly in Europe including countless weekends, 8-day seminars and 18 Euro seminars. Practising Taiji has been teaching her the principle of life 'change' and last but not least to speak English.

Roger Allen has practiced Taiji for more than 30 years within The Taiji School. Roger began Martial Arts in Wellington and practiced Kyokushinkai Karate for 5 Years. His initial introduction to Taiji was from one of Patrick's students in Wellington, who taught the 5 Loosening exercises. "I immediately recognized the value in these exercises, and incorporated them into my Karate training". Soon after, he moved to Auckland and began training in Patrick Kelly's school. "When I first observed Patrick demonstrating the form, my initial thoughts were: This is the way to move the body and connect forces from the ground. I was also interested in cultivating the mysterious and elusive Qi and many books I had read pointed to Taiji as the most effective way of developing this". Over the years, Roger has travelled extensively and practised in some of Master Huang's schools in Singapore and Malaysia and attended Patrick Kelly's workshops while travelling in in Europe and Australia. Roger currently works in the entertainment and film industry, has a close association with many internationally accredited Actors and Stunt coordinators and has been consulted on occasions on scenes involving Taiji style movements.

John Carter. At the time of my very first class as a beginner with Patrick Kelly I had no concept whatsoever of what the practice of Taiji was all about - I just liked the look of it and it felt wonderful! Starting from that superficial viewpoint many years passed while slowly awakening to the experiences of training internally, both the body and the mind. Now, 30 years on, the fascination remains - the deeper the practice the more rewarding it is with ever more subtle possibilities continuing to emerge.

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