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Patrick's experiences within these 3 streams enliven his teaching, which might condense to a few words:

"Seek a broad balance of experience in life"
harm no-one,
understand others, change yourself,
feel gratitude for whatever life brings.

This will bring outer life, including your own body, under the influence of your inner being, rather than the body and its contacts with outer life ruling the inner life, as is the case for unrefined people (Abdullah: make the body obedient). Externally - help others, do no harm. Internally - understand others, change yourself.

"Deepen consciousness" using any helpful exercises or meditations,
inward through the 3 levels of human existence,
etheric, astral and celestial
(jing, qi and shen).

This will cause the inner being, which lives in the 3 spheres of human existence - etheric, astral and celestial - to gradually move its base to deeper levels within the inner worlds (Abdullah: make the inner being passive).

"Reach out for the Beyond" realising, as the Beyond grows within,
that your outer human existence is next to nothing.

This will cause the inner being to gradually dissolve itself within the True Self (Abdullah: destroy the ego).

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