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Patrick Kelly: Taiji's Balanced Way (continued)

Patrick from New Zealand, began practicing tai chi during university days, it has been more than 40 years since. During this period, he traveled to Malaysia, to learn from the Great Master Huang Xing Xian as his teacher, practicing tai chi twenty years, and is also the only foreign disciple. Patrick has around the world with more than Taiji school, with more than a hundred people on the teaching team and coaching thousands of students, and now he came to Shanghai, and with the internal practice as core objectives, the founder of Tai Chi Pavilion, designed to attract more Chinese youth to become aware and get in touch with Tai Chi, Patrick sees that Tai Chi seems like Chinese yoga, has a distant history and unique charm, able to bring a real balance of body and mind through practicing. Of course, Patrick has been using this method to maintain a healthy body and mind for a long time.

Inner Balance
Patrick, in addition to teaching tai chi, will practice for at least 20 minutes to two hours of tai chi exercises each day, in his opinion this practice is not only physical, but also the inner spiritual practice. He said: "There are a lot of people who worry too much about external things, and inner balance is the key, a lot of people will practice yoga and meditation, but to the Chinese people, in fact, tai chi is more suitable, traditional tai chi allows people to delve deeper, through pushing hands practitioners can interact and compliment with each other, and maintain internal serenity, which also helps to enhance one's life."

Practicing in this extensive way, Patrick has experienced in a very profound way. And that he reached the 'quiet' state is beyond the average general sense. That state does not require 'external' circumstances to achieve it, it is achieved by practicing tai chi deep inside the 'quiet' state, even in the cafe one is able to achieve a comfortable peaceful state by themselves, sitting in a room or sitting in a quiet mountain the outcome is the same. According to Patrick, practicing tai chi to achieve inner balance can be well integrated into philosophy of life daily, which is a hallmark of internal martial arts, it is also the highest principle of Taoism, regarding ideas related to heart (Xin - ?), because it is more pure, but also a real and true sense of tai chi is. "Usually our hearts or minds can only consciously control about ten percent, while the remaining ninety percent belong to the sub-conscious, practicing tai chi can allows me to slowly experience my own sub-consciousness, slowly and gradually to control those body instincts and senses, so that the internal awareness become more sensitive.

External balance
Patrick stressed, Tai Chi is like the Chinese Yoga, it is far more suitable to the Chinese as compare to India's yoga. Why are there so many young people in Shanghai practice yoga, but rarely to learn Tai Chi in a school, regarding this point he was puzzled and disappointed. "In fact, China has such a long cultural history, such a great Taiji culture, which can make people ponder for long periods, during such long esoteric ponderings, it helps practitioners to achieve balance both inside and outside the body during the process. Really wants to remind young Chinese people to learn more about Taiji their own country."

In New Zealand, Patrick taught tai chi for 20 years, then went to Europe to teach for another 20 years, and now is in Shanghai, his plan is to teach another 20 years here. In addition, Patrick also thinks that one of the greatest benefits of practicing tai chi is that it can stimulate the lymphatic system, and enhance the body's immune system. For most exercises it has more or less limitations in movement, but Tai Chi is suitable for anyone. Through 40 years of Tai Chi practice, although he is more than 60 years old, but the body feels like a 30-year-old.

Q: Do you have regularly medical examination?
A: No, I'm my own best doctor.

Q: Your health law (principle)?
A: mastering the internal and external balance.

Q: How do you de-stress?
A: practicing tai chi and meditation.

Q: What is you exercise frequency?
A: Tai Chi every day and walking.

Q: What are your desired living conditions?
A: I am satisfied as I am now.

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