Taiji - Daoist Principles in Practice

Develop Inner Power and Harmony through Concentration, Co-ordination and Relaxation of Mind, Energy and Body.

Our Taiji emphasizes the
mind (Yi) - energy (Qi) - body (Ti) connection.
我们的太极注重 意 - 气 - 肢体 之贯通

New Beginners Commencing:

First week of each month

Mon, Wed 6 - 7:15pm
Tue, Thu 9:30 - 10:45am
all welcome


$120/month, 2 classes/week.

Contact WayneD:
Mob 021 1219500


40 St Benedict's St. Newton, Auckland (studio4zero)
Patrick Kelly leading Auckland Taiji

The Practice

We train:
- Zheng Manqing (郑曼青) 37-move Short Form
- Yang Chengfu (杨澄甫) 108-move Long Form
- Huang Xingxian (黃性賢) Fast Form
- 8 basic and 8 advanced Fixed Pattern Pushing-Hands.

Each class includes 5-15 minutes guided meditation.

Our aim is the gentle path of internal refinement.

真正的太极 | True Taiji

There is only one true Taiji, one set of principles. Human deviation gave rise to family styles (Yang, Wu, Chen etc) which each has strengths and weaknesses. Their strengths are where they follow the principles and their weaknesses are where they deviate from the principles. 真正的太极只有一种,且自有一套原则。后人根据自身的不同理解使之分为不同流派(杨氏,吴氏,陈氏太极等等),每种都各有优势和弱点。其中优势即为遵循了真正太极原则的部分,弱点则为偏离原则的部分。

We emphasize the waist movement (twisting wave) of the Chen Style, the advancing (issuing transverse wave) power of the Yang Style, the borrowing of partners force (neutralising vertical pressure wave) of the Wu style. We follow my teachers advice: "Go back to the first principles before the styles diverged." 我们强调陈氏的腰部动作(缠丝劲),杨氏的前推力(横向发劲)和吴氏的借力(中和纵向压力)。我们谨遵我老师们的教诲:"追根溯源,回归不同流派形成前,最本真的太极原则。"

TheTaijiSchool - Auckland

was founded in 1975 by Patrick A Kelly.

Patrick was an inner school student of the great Taiji and White Crane master Huang Xingxian, born in Fujou, China. Master Huang Xingxian established schools throughout South East Asia and made frequent visits to The Taiji School in NZ where he finally decided to settle. Today The Taiji School continues on under the direction of Patrick's senior students, each with more than 20 years experience in Taiji. The combined experience of these well trained senior instructors ensures a depth of teaching often lacking in neighbourhood classes. Patrick conducts seminars throughout the world, especially in Europe and Asia, where a network of his senior instructors teach some thousands of students. He returns regularly to Auckland to support The Taiji School.

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Relax Deep Mind - Taiji Basics

with detailed taiji-form photos (US$10)
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Further Taiji classes:

40 St Benedicts St

Friday 6:45 till 7:45am with Rob Hunter (30 years Taiji Training with Patrick Kelly and his senior students)

Sunday 10:30 til 12:00 with Wendy Gray (20 years Taiji training with Patrick Kelly and his senior students)


Saturday 8-11am with Clive Pankhurst (more than 35 years Taiji training with Patrick Kelly) 021 373153

Venue: Stanmore Bay Sea Scout Hall


Saturday 8:00-9:15am with Annamirl Hunter (20 years Taiji Training with Patrick Kelly) 021 978969
Class Flyer

Wynyard Quarter

Tue & Thu 7-8am with Rob Hunter (30 years Taiji training with Patrick Kelly) 021 978969


Wed 6:30pm – Advanced Class
Thu 6:30pm – Beginners Class
with Rob Lindsay (more than 35 years Taiji training with Patrick Kelly) 021 1778414





Journey inside yourself to find the Reality of Life

(Partick Kelly describing the Shanghai Meditation Class)


Dont foolishly place your inner life in the hands of an inexperienced guide. External sounds (gongs or chanting), special clothes, high sounding titles, religious philosophy, excessive fees, are all the signs of an outer teaching, not the true inner path. Dont believe all the claims these people make. They will take your money and waste your time. Find someone with long experience on the inner journey under good teachers.

An intelligent synthesis of Daoist, Yogi & Sufi methods as experienced by Patrick Kelly over 40 years under the guidance of Gnostic (Naqshibandi Sufi Shaikh) Abdullah Dougan (1918 - 1987), Daoist Taiji Master Huang Xingxian (1908 - 1992) and Raja Yogi Mouni Maharaj of Rajasthan (1900?- 2007). This true contact, both internal and external, with the 3 great streams of esoteric teachings - the Asian, the Indian and the Middle Eastern/European - now supports Patrick's teaching, which aims to lead people deeply inside themselves towards the one formless source, which has no name.

Introduction to Patrick Kelly's teaching

The true concept of TaiJi is not limited. It is open to all spheres of life while remaining centred on the refinement of inner spiritual essence. TaiJi (Tai Chi), the Supreme Ultimate, is in practice what the 'Dao de Jing' (Tao Te Ching) expresses in principle. These principles remain universal throughout the known worlds, undiminished by their common reduction to intellectual ideas, emotional values, or religious rules, by the various races of the Earth. The universal principles and the method for bringing ourselves into harmony with them could be called the world wide way, but are really beyond any name. Welcome to this website - a partial, imperfect, evolving connection to that worldwideway.

The great purpose of genuine TaiJi is the great purpose of life itself -


By Patrick Kelly

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The first 3 levels of internal training in TAIJI and YOGA are
1. control of internal movements
2. control of instinctive processes
3. control of the body's energy system

First we examine control of internal movements.
This is the usual level of practice - people seldom go beyond it. The mind merges with the first level of the body's intelligence, through awareness and subtle control of the joint and muscle sensors. Though the mental process is the same in TAIJI and YOGA, there are differences in the physical methods:

YOGA trains skill at reaching and holding extreme joint extensions.
TAIJI uses smooth movement within normal joint range.


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Download e-book here

Relax Deep Mind - Taiji Basics

with detailed taiji-form photos (US$10)
English Deutsch Français